For a long time, I’ve been obsessed with optimal nutrition: food that’s good for my health and my fitness goals. I’m always asking myself: Am I getting enough protein and enough carbs to build muscle? To recover properly? Perform at my best?

And, for a long time, I could answer those questions with a confident, “Yes.” My FITCRUNCH bars, powders, and snacks ensured that wherever I was traveling and whatever I was doing, I always had a strong nutritional foundation to rely upon.

But over the years, other questions cropped up that I couldn’t answer with that same confident reply. Specifically, vegans often wrote to me on social media and asked if I would ever come up with a product that met their needs. My wife Gail, who can’t eat whey due to a dairy allergy, asked if I’d ever have something for her.

I’ve never been one to chase a market simply because it’s there, but this was different. These are real problems and concerns facing an ever-growing segment of the population. One recent study showed that up to 65% of the population has some type of food allergy, from mild to severe.

With that in mind, I set out to apply my knowledge as a chef and create a brand-new bar that not only delivered great nutritional value within some very narrow constraints, but something that also tasted great. (Keeping the missus happy, I figured, would be a bonus.)

I’ll admit: Once I started down this path, I experienced some serious mission creep. I didn’t just want to create a non-dairy or vegan bar anymore. I wanted to hit a home run that would satisfy all manner of dietary restrictions. I wanted it to be plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, completely sustainable—both in terms of ingredients and packaging—and made from as few ingredients as possible.

I went into the kitchen, got to work, and, a few months later emerged with FITBAR, which I’m proud to present to you now. Not only did I hit each of aforementioned purity standards, I wound up with a bar that delivered 12 grams of protein at just 280 calories, providing long-lasting energy for all manner of lifestyles. Best of all—and perhaps most importantly—they tasted great. You wouldn’t have to value the story behind how it was made to still be able to appreciate the bar on the most primal level.

At the moment, FITBAR is available in two delicious flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cranberry Vanilla Almond.

I couldn’t be more excited to share FITBAR with you. No matter your age, gender, fitness goals, or dietary restrictions, I’m confident I’ve made something that’s going to meet your needs. I’m doubly proud that FITBAR not only does all this, but does so in a completely sustainable way.

Sometimes when we’re staring face-to-face with complex problems, we forget that the simplest answers are sometimes the best. And in the case of FITBAR, what’s best for us is also what’s best for the planet. When I set out to make this happen, a lot of people told me it was impossible. Forgive them. I guess they forgot my motto.

Nothing is Impossible,

Robert Irvine and Family